October 9th

A Visual Introduction To Programming

This workshop is for absolute beginners, or people who have only dabbled with programming for fun. The workshop teaches basic concepts in programming through the creation of visual forms. We explore how to build simple drawing systems with the nuts and bolts of code: variables, loops, conditions, branches, and functions. The workshop's two goals are: 1) to demystify and demolish any wrongful preconceptions about programming being a difficult activity, and 2) to highlight the vast creative potential that lies in being able to think and create with code.
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Inspired by this year's theme of PCD@Aarhus, along the way we will try to establish a connection with the nature around us, to include it as a co-creator of our works. Bring your own laptop (Win/Mac/Linux) with Processing 4.0 beta 1 installed (download it for free here:

BIO: Stig Møller Hansen, Senior Associate Professor PhD @ DMJX. Stig is a graphic designer, coder, teacher and researcher. He bought an Amiga 500 in 1989 and quickly developed a passion for mixing art and code. Thirty years later, Stig has made his childhood excitement his professional career, teaching programming for graphic designers.