October 9th

Making Kin with Machines and Other Worlds

Processing Community Day (PCD) is a worldwide event initiated by The Processing Foundation, involving many international cities to organize a day event with their local communities to celebrating and exploring art, code, and diversity.

With the backdrop of the ongoing (post?)pandemic circumstances, many of us may discover different relations and connections with machines, nature, surrounding worlds, and these have changed our work and play life significantly.

With the theme of 'Making Kin' this year, we want to continuously explore a diverse mode of working with code, and further point to the way in which we maintain and establish (new) connections with one another, both human and nonhuman life forms, and perhaps extending to other species, environments and creatures. We are interested in how machines and code enable us to engage in dialogues with our human and more-than-human kin.

Following this line of inquiry, this year PCD @ Aarhus has chosen to contribute to the public community by putting together podcasts, workshops and talks from diverse practitioners who share different ways of working with humans, machines, and more than human kin artistically and culturally, imagining new ways of connecting the world.